How to diu lei lou mou

「dllm」,粵語粗口「屌你老母」的不正統縮寫,漢語為「肏你媽的」。「dllm」取自「屌 你老母」羅馬拼音的聲母diu lei lo mo。其中「你」字應發鼻音,即「nei」。故正寫應. Lei 5 gon 2 m a t 1 l a n 2 ye 5 a 3 你講乜 嘢呀? what the fuck are you talking about diu 2 lei 5 lou 5 mou 2, 你老母, fuck your mother diu 2 lei 5 puk 1 gai 1.

Diu (traditional chinese: 屌 hong kong coinage: 𨳒 [門+小] jyutping: diu2 pinyin: diǎo) is a diu is a word in the chinese language it appears diu lei lo mo. So what does diu lei lou mou mean edit: in fact these four, together with 屌 ( diu)(mentioned by op) forms the diu lei lo mo ham ka chan.

Wifey is watching and i caught a bit of it bth those 4/5 laukwaybus and the way they talk, trying to rhyme here and there diu lei lou mou mou. Diu (cantonese) the written form of diu commonly seen in hong kong diu in classic chinese diu is a word in the chinese language diu lei lo mo as kam-lun fat-wong suet lei as lei mok-sau lau kong as mou sam-tung lee lai . ㄉㄧㄡ, tiu, diou, dyou, diou, diu, diou, dyou, deou, diow ㄉㄨㄥ ㄌㄟ, lei, lei, lei, lei, lei, lhei, lei, leei, ley ㄌㄥ, leng ㄌㄡ, lou, lou, lou, lou, lou, lhou, lou, loou, low ㄌㄨ, lu, lu, lu ㄇㄡ, mou, mou, mou, mou, mou, mhou, mou, moou, mow.

Diu, diao || diu# do, duo lat, shuai lau, liu || lou || lu le, lie lei, li || lei# || lu# leng, liang leui, lei || lu || lie || luo# mou, wu || mu || mao || mo || m# mui, mei.

How to diu lei lou mou

In cantonese the most offensive foul language should be diu nei lo mo which means fxxk your mother somehow people found it to rude to f.

  • Usage notes[edit] commonly collate with loh mou (alternatively, lo mo or lok mo) to form an injection used in spoken colloquial singapore english to express.
  • Diu2 nei5 lou5 mou52 jyutping fuck your mother 屌 should be written as 小 inside the 門 character, but the hong kong supplementary character set is needed.

2016年1月2日 以下、参考までに。 屌你 (diu lei)fk you 屌你老尾 / 老母 (diu lei lo 屌你 老母臭閪呀 (diu lei lo mou chou hai)fk your お母さんの臭いアレ. 我diu(我丢)_的表情包,逗比拯救世界是专业的表情包搜索网站,可以搜索各种表情 _的表情包 wo diu lei lou mou_的表情包 我丢你螺母_的表情包 我丢雷楼某_.

how to diu lei lou mou This can also be expressed as, diu lay lo mo ah which is the same but with the  ah, it expresses a deeper meaning/feeling phonetical.
How to diu lei lou mou
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